Data Center/ AI Stories You Might Have Missed Last Year

The rapid progress of artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting the global data center industry in multiple ways. Colocation service providers are looking at ways to use artificial intelligence for energy efficiency, server optimization, security, automation, and infrastructure management.

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Telehouse Puts Data Centers and Software-Defined Networking in the Spotlight

With the expansion of globalization, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is critical for enterprises to grow their networks. Especially for dynamic, high-bandwidth-type applications, SDN’s adaptability, manageability, and cost-effectiveness are ideal. With the SDN architecture, network forwarding and control functions get separated, making network control directly programmable and enabling the underlying infrastructure condensed for network services and applications. […]

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Destruction Caused by an Increase in Complex and Costly DDoS Attacks

In various industry sectors, Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise. Among roughly 73 percent of the attacked organizations, DDoS attacks targeted them twice. Simultaneously, 50 percent of targets experienced a cybersecurity data breach. As a result, Telehouse, one of the top global data centers now utilizes advanced technology to ensure their customers have […]

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Carrier-Neutral Colocation Replaced by Provider-Neutral

The design and technology requirements for colocation centers has changed dramatically. Today, a carrier-neutral colocation has evolved into a provider-neutral colocation because of specialties that businesses cannot perform in-house. Initially, the cost for data center services was high, and services were limited. However, with global deregulation and by partnering with a broader source of telecom […]

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