Telehouse Global: The Impact of Technology on Higher Education

Building a Safer, Smarter and More Connected World, One Campus at a Time

Higher education directly affects social mobility and economic development on a global scale. For this reason, innovative technologies enabled by advanced colocation services are being developed to make higher education more attainable, affordable and effective for students from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds and geographic regions. Leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data analytics, OTT streaming technologies and advanced online learning platforms, institutions are providing access to an array of new opportunities for high-quality educational experiences.

Technological innovation is fundamentally changing how universities interact with students, enabling global institutions from both the public and private education sectors to adopt various trends such as adaptive learning technologies that monitor student progress, mobile applications that enable students to remotely access course material, and next-gen learning management systems that deliver a holistic view of educational development.

Once the province of for-profit institutions, online classes are now offered at top tier universities such as Harvard, Yale and Brown, as well as mid-level and community colleges worldwide. The growing popularity of online education is due in part to the ability to provide course material in a way that is not only flexible, but immersive, utilizing mobile technology, web-based video communications, and access to a seemingly endless supply of online content and resources.

These same technologies have also granted globally dispersed universities and research organizations the ability to partner and collaborate on many influential research projects. At the University of Wisconsin, for example, agriculture students and faculty work alongside various Chinese research universities and organizations to analyze environmental factors affecting the milk yield of cows and develop solutions for the advancement of the dairy industry.

Technology is also helping universities make their communities safer, smarter and more efficient. Use of IoT devices and smart technology are pervasive throughout university campuses, ranging from automated emergency alerts and outdoor Wi-Fi access points, to smart laundry facilities and responsive HVAC systems. Data collection has also opened the door to the use of advanced analytics that help university administrators better understand and satisfy the needs of their student body with technologies such as smart map apps that help them navigate the campus, and IP-enabled cameras for enhanced security. Continue reading from original source….

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