Interview with Akihiko Yamaguchi, EVP and CMO of KDDI America and COO of Telehouse America


Aki Yamaguchi is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of KDDI America and Chief Operating Officer of Telehouse America. We recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Yamaguchi and discuss his background, the impact of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) on data centers, as well as the current state of the colocation market.

From E-mail to IoT

Interestingly enough, Mr. Yamaguchi, who’s worked with the KDDI Group for over 26 years, did not originally set out to start his professional career in the technology industry.

“To be perfectly honest, at the beginning of my career I was not at all interested in any of the technical disciplines,” he shared with us. “I studied English literature and was attracted to business as an opportunity to advance my language skills and interact with other professionals from all over the world.”

After joining KDDI, Mr. Yamaguchi quickly developed an affinity for the telecommunications sector and was struck by the nature of its continuously developing innovations.

“The telecom industry has been growing very quickly and things shift rapidly,” he noted. “Technologies get old after six months or so, and I was very attracted to the dynamic changes ones sees happening throughout the industry every day.”

Looking back, Mr. Yamaguchi can still recall the initial impact of email as a means for business development and customer relations.

“It’s a funny thing,” he stated, recalling the early days of widespread internet access and email. “When business shifted from simple handwriting to personal computers and e-mail correspondence, I would often call clients immediately after sending an email for fear that it wouldn’t be received. It truly was a dramatic change for many professionals.” Read more visit original source

Contact Details:
Telehouse America
7 Teleport Drive,
Staten Island,
New York, USA 10311
Phone No: 718–355–2500

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