Please be advised: Telehouse Facilities Department has been actively tracking the Nor’easter Stella and is taking precautionary measures to mitigate the risk of the storm predicted to hit New York and the New England area Monday evening into Tuesday evening.

Staten Island’s 7 Teleport and Chelsea 85 10th Avenue both have been notified of the potential blizzard conditions and will be maintaining consistent operation for our customers throughout the upcoming days.

At this time, Telehouse has taken proactive measures for this work and has made accommodations for additional coverage with engineers and operation technicians in the event that storm conditions hit the tristate area.

Telehouse has already conducted full inspections of all critical equipment including UPS, generator, chiller, and switch gear to be in normal working conditions before the weekend. We have also prepared spare parts kits for emergency equipment as a proactive measure. In addition, our fueling companies and vendors have been notified to place their teams on a stand by condition. To know more click here

Contact Details:
Telehouse America
7 Teleport Drive,
Staten Island,
New York, USA 10311
Phone No: 718–355–2500

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