telehouse-frankfurt-colocationStrong Economy and Strict Privacy Laws Make Frankfurt a Global Epicenter for Colocation

After the Second World War, Frankfurt am Main was rebuilt and soon emerged as a leading financial and commercial hub in West Germany. The city experienced strong economic development due to its central position on the Main River and its expansion into neighboring domestic markets.

Fast-forward to present day and Frankfurt, now a bustling international metropolis and the financial capital of Europe, is still experiencing strong growth, particularly on the digital front. Germany is now one of the four leading colocation markets in Europe, and the largest population of its data centers can be found around the city of Frankfurt where the majority of internet traffic from Germany and many other countries is routed.

The Place to Be in Germany                                                                                                                     
Two decades ago, Frankfurt had a reputation for bing a somewhat lackluster metropolis. But now, the city —referred to as “Mainhattan” for its downtown skyscrapers— is on a cultural, technological and economic upswing, and rapidly becoming a top destination for colocation providers.

Frankfurt also plays host to a thriving startup community and the second-largest internet exchange in Europe, DE-CIX, with over 500 ISPs and carriers. Startup growth around the Frankfurt region is occurring at a rate of 22 percent annually, while the rest of Germany is hovering around 13 percent. Meanwhile, its financial technology industry is second only to the UK in terms of overall investment and German fintech business is expected to top $2 billion by 2020. Curious to know more view original source…
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