What Will Data Centers Look Like in 2017 and Beyond?

In previous Telehouse for Technophiles blogs, we’ve looked at present-day, advanced technologies affecting the data center, such as adiabatic cooling, the increased usage of Deep Machine Learning and the proliferation of Big Data analytics. But what changes can we anticipate in 2017 and beyond?

Let’s explore various predictions concerning design, operational and technological advances in the data center, as well as some of the market drivers that we can expect will influence the industry in the coming year and into the future.

Introducing the Skyscraper Data Center

Eschewing current designs in which data centers are low and sprawling, two European architects, Marco Merletti and Valeria Mercuri, have proposed a data center rising 65-stories tall. While only in the blueprint phase, the futuristic, tower-like structure would feature sustainable technology to cool hundreds of thousands of servers and be powered by geothermal energy and hydropower. The data center’s cylindrical design would create a chimney effect whereby the hot air inside the tower goes up and sucks the cold air from the outside, and the outside cold air would reenter through servers arranged in pod units that would cool naturally. Curious to know more view original source

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