Telehouse Green: Any Way the Wind Blows

Data Centers are Harnessing the Power of Wind Energy

More than eight million data centers exist around the world, using upwards of 30GW of energy each year, an amount that is steadily increasing. A study by the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) revealed that if planet’s data centers were a country, they would represent the world’s 12th-largest consumer of electricity, ranking somewhere between Spain and Italy.

The carbon footprint of a mid-sized, 10 MW data center can range from three million to over 130 million kilograms of CO2, according to Green House Data. However, the good news is that this environmental impact can be significantly reduced through the adoption of renewable and sustainable energy resources, such as wind energy.

According to Data Center Knowledge, the generation of power through on-site wind turbines has gained traction across the data center community over the past few years. The latest AFCOM State of the Data Center survey showed that 34 percent of respondents have either deployed or are planning to deploy a renewable energy source for their data center, of which half are or will be using wind energy. As a testament to its effectiveness, various hyper-scale organizations including Microsoft, Google and Apple are now relying upon wind energy as a source of power at some of their facilities.

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